“Vaccines high in safety, debts low in risk”. Allegedly.

This is some scary staff. Time to Wake the Heck Up people before they put us all Six Feet Under….

The Slog

When you think about it, the parallels between the Health bureaucrats’ insistence on the safety of Covid19 “vaccines”, and the bromides being issued by those in charge of the US economy, are striking. Or suspicious, depending on your outlook.

I shudder sometimes when I look back over the Coronavirus saga and remember how one high-ranking member of the State after another stood up in his or her legislature, place of learning or other corridor of power to swear blind that mRNA-based, largely untested experiments in bioweaponry were “safe and effective”.

Having done so, they put in hopelessly loose systems to measure adverse reactions, and often didn’t follow up on such cases – preferring to smear perfectly good management drugs costing 5-7 times less with 30-50 year histories of impeccable safety

The ensuing evidence that they were lying through their omnivorous teeth has been tragic to behold. In just four months…

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